(To Be Completed by Mentee & Parent/Guardian)

The Youth of Foreign Origin Mentorship Program (YOFOM) is an opportunity for youth to connect with their peers and prominent professional and academic mentors in Iceland. While the program will offer numerous opportunities for growth and connection, YOFOM also expects mentees to be dedicated to the program and committed to attending events, workshops, and lectures. We encourage applications from Icelandic youth of foreign origin between the ages of 15-20 from all walks of life. If you have questions about the application that are not answered on the website, please email

I, the undersigned, parent/guardian give my informed consent and permission for my child to participate in the YOFOM Mentorship Program and its related activities. I agree to the obtaining and processing of personal data information about me, and my child as is necessary for the program. I agree to have my child follow all the mentoring program guidelines and understand that any violation on my child’s part may result in suspension and/or termination of the mentoring relationship. I hereby acknowledge that my child may be transported by the program director while participating in the mentorship program and give my consent for such transportation. I understand that I must return the following documents completed and signed. I furthermore agree to be contacted by the program’s director to complete my child’s registration: • Signed application • Youth Mentee Guidelines/Instructions Form By signing below, I attest to the truthfulness of all information listed on this application and agree to the above terms and conditions. My signature also confirms that the program director and related individuals can process personal information about me as is necessary in relation to my child‘s participation in the program, according to the relevant laws including Act no. 90/2018 on data protection and the processing of personal information. (Parent/Guardian Signature) ___________________________________________

Embark on a transformative mentorship journey with a cohort of your peers, where you will discuss your goals, seek guidance, and work collaboratively to overcome challenges and achieve success.


YOFOM pairs mentees with a peer “buddy” mentor and professional mentors who will help them to navigate their future goals, while simultaneously expanding mentees’ social circles. Mentees will participate in monthly mentor talks, book club discussions, and other events aimed at giving mentees more access to opportunities.

YOFOM seeks applications from youth of foreign origin in Iceland who are between 15-20 years old. While it is not necessary for applicants to live in the Capital Region, mentees must be able to attend the monthly mentor talks and events held in-person at least three times a month in Reykjavík. 

Mentors will be evaluated based on their areas of expertise and what skills and knowledge they can share with mentees. YOFOM will review mentee applications and match them with mentors who can help them level up academically, professionally, and socially in Icelandic society. 

Mentees are expected to attend the monthly mentor talks and events which are held at least three times a month in Reykjavík. YOFOM seeks mentees who are fully committed to the program and dedicated to getting the most out of their mentorship experience. We encourage mentees to engage with their mentors and cultivate new connections. 

There will be designated in-person mentor talks and events each month, but mentees are encouraged to be in active communication with their mentors. Mentors will share their preferred means of communication and scheduling with mentees.

Mentors will come from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, so topics can vary from mentor to mentor. Mentees can seek guidance on career, academics, personal trajectory, networking, Icelandic culture and society, and many other areas.

Mentees will be assigned a peer mentor and group mentor. These two mentors will serve as the core of the YOFOM program. If mentees feel a connection to other mentors in the program, they are welcomed to connect with those mentors as well.